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    Kamsutra In Bengali Book Pdf With Picture

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    The sage Vatsya said this, and so on.

    Naturally questions were asked who the sage was, and the pundits replied that Vatsya was the author of the standard work on love in Sanscrit literature, that no Sanscrit library was complete without his work, and that it was most difficult now to obtain in its entire state. The copy of the manuscript obtained in Bombay was defective, and so the pundits wrote to Benares, Calcutta and Jeypoor for copies of the manuscript from Sanscrit libraries in those places.

    Kama Sutra Books - PDF Drive

    Copies having been obtained, they were then compared with each other, and with the aid of a Commentary called 'Jayamangla' a revised copy of the entire manuscript was prepared, and from this copy the English translation was made.

    The following is the certificate of the chief pundit: 'The accompanying manuscript is corrected by me after comparing four different copies of the work.

    I had the assistance of a Commentary called "Jayamangla" for correcting the portion in the first five parts, but found great difficulty in correcting the remaining portion, because, with the exception of one copy thereof which was tolerably correct, all the other copies I had were far too incorrect. However, I took that portion as correct in which the majority of the copies agreed with each other.

    The whole consists of seven parts, thirty-six chapters, and sixty-four paragraphs. Hardly anything is known about the author.

    kamsutra bangla.pdf

    His real name is supposed to be Mallinaga or Mrillana, Vatsyayana being his family name. At the close of the work this is what he writes about himself: 'After reading and considering the works of Babhravya and other ancient authors, and thinking over the meaning of the rules given by them, this treatise was composed, according to the precepts of the Holy Writ, for the benefit of the world, by Vatsyayana, while leading the life of a religious student at Benares, and wholly engaged in the contemplation of the Deity.

    This work is not to be used merely as an instrument for satisfying our desires. A person acquainted with the true principles of this science, who preserves his Dharma virtue or religious merit , his Artha worldly wealth and his Kama pleasure or sensual gratification , and who has regard to the customs of the people, is sure to obtain the mastery over his senses.

    Book: The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

    In short, an intelligent and knowing person attending to Dharma and Artha and also to Kama, without becoming the slave of his passions, will obtain success in everything that he may do. It is supposed that he must have lived between the first and sixth century of the Christian era, on the following grounds. Time, they were free to negotiate the price of their services.

    The insti-Pg Pdf-in the Bengali script; and various versions of the Krittivasa Ramayana in Bengali. Kamasutra, the fourth-century erotic treatise that discusses a The Kama Sutra.

    By Vatsyayana Vatsyayana. The ancient Indian Sandskrit text was considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior. It contains Free bengali kamasutra story book with photo.

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